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So apparently because I'm a young mum I won't be able to lo…

So apparently because I'm a young mum I won't be able to look after my baby properly 👌🏼 alright then love!


— exactly!! i just messaged you chick! @courtniegeexo xxx

— I know! Atleast we know our babies will be looked after and loved in the best way possible xxx @danielleallen110

— i know it annoys me i was only getting some clothes for my little boy, wasnt doing nothing wrong, every woman is a mum no matter the age, jeez did she ever look at the older mums whos kids in care and defo cant look after theyre children xx @courtniegeexo

— I'm not worried about it Hun I know my daughter will be love and cared for in the best way possible ☺️xxx @sophgreenx

— I get told the same all the time, ignore them xx

— ☺😊 @courtniegeexo xx

— Don't know how people have the cheek! Xx @danielleallen110

— i had the same the other day hun, a woman in asda told me i was too young to be a mum and wont look after my baby right and all us young mums shouldnt have babies xx @courtniegeexo

— Thank you ☺️xx @baby-2016

— ignore what she is saying hun. I was 15 when I had my twins and I was a single mom and I coped. you will be an amazing mummy. @courtniegeexo xx

— I know thank you ☺️ x @karenb1601

— rubbish! i was 16 when i had my daughter and shes an amazing young woman now at the age of 21. i brought her up pretty much on my own too. if anything im more anxious this time than i was with her. ull be fine hun @courtniegeexo x

— Exactly! Guess she just didn't like being confronted 😂 thanks girls xx @emmaclark @keriyoung @ssumner

— definitely not true!!! age doesn't effect ur ability to love and look after a child🤔 wouldn't take any notice of opinions like that hun xx

— Thanks hun xx