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pregnancy has not been good to my poor teeth :(

pregnancy has not been good to my poor teeth :(


— Yeah it was rough. I am about to the point where they should just pull em and give me partials 😂

— Lol thanks it's mainly my molars unfortunately :/

— goodness @mandy890 :( I'm sorry. I'm most likely looking at a root canal in the near-ish future, unfortunately :( so I kinda feel your pain.
oh man @cna1990 , thank stinks :( your smile is still so pretty though!!

— My 4 pregnancies, naturally soft enamel, and history of smoking in the past have left me with horrible teeth :(

— Yeah dentist said no more until baby is born after I had my root canal two weeks ago. And that's one of the teeth that broke. It's just so weak. Baby is sucking all the calcium right out of me. 😩

— ouch @mandy890 !!! I had to have 6 cavities filled :( and one was in a tooth that already had a filling 😑

— Mine either!! I have broken 2
Teeth since being pregnant