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that side view lol big ol baby in there lol

that side view lol big ol baby in there lol


— awwww I know they're too cute ! My bf won't let me buy any shoes, bc he wants to buy him some timberlands or Jordan's, like really.lol 😐😐 @mommyof5kayla

— Lol yes I know I got him is first pair of shoes lol I had too lol @kbrown91

— hey at least the big stuff is out of the way lol. I need socks too but its so hard to find cute ones lol im so picky. @mommyof5kayla I still haven't bought a bathtub for him smh lol

— well I know imma have all his big stuff soon at the babyshower lol people who got it already told me they have it lol but other stuff like clothes and socks and bottles and cloths and stuff like that @kbrown91

— tell me about it😐 I still need a good bit of stuff smh lol and I need to put this car seat together. hopefully you get a lot of stuff lol @mommyof5kayla

— Lmfao nooooooo i need some more time lol I have nothing ready for him lol I'm waiting for the babyshower to see what I need left for him @kbrown91

— giiirl lol you look like you're ready any day now