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This right here is so weird to me, I think it's more to the…

This right here is so weird to me, I think it's more to the story:



— Lol right @jessica0830 she handed her the receiving blanket so she definitely didn't tell her no! She started throwing stuff away from the table and put her pocketbook on her shoulder all while holding the baby! The mom didn't budge

— @towens921, right. If she was following me I would have told her ok bye now and if she wouldn't leave I would have walked to the security desk. Especially if she already asked to hold him and I said no. And like you said how do you not notice someone walked off with your baby! She didn't even run just speed walked. Hell Savannah would have been like "Mommy she's taking Zay Zay!" Lol

— And the video just released makes it even more weird @jessica0830

— Yah this story threw me off when I first heard it too. Who lets some random woman hold their baby.

— Yes @cayandjaymomof2 !!! Something is not being said

— Yes this video made it seem like they were old friends catching up or something. Smh trust no one when it comes to your children lol

— The mom said she didn't @cayandjaymomof2 but it looks different in this video

— It HAS to be more to this story. There are too many warning signs in this video ALONE. Did they even know each like wth 😒

— Yes!!!! @egates sooo right!

— She definitely is because I read under the article she told the cops that she told the lady no she couldn't hold her child 😒 if I tell somebody no they can't hold my child soon as they pick my child up I'm snatching my child away I'm not going to pass them a receiving blanket & she should of been paying more attention when the lady put her bag on her shoulder while still holding the baby that was a sign & she kept throwing the trash on the table away that was another sign she should of turned around to look behind her cause ain't nobody holding a baby going to be throwing trash away that's just sneaky , I think once she realized the lady ain't bring the baby back that's when she panicked & decided to call the police @towens921

— Yes!! @egates same thing I said! She's lying about something! I said she must have given her permission to walk with baby or something. Jus something isn't right

— It's definitely more to that story because if she didn't know that woman why was she so willing to let her hold her newborn baby & she didn't get up & run after her when she took the baby she was still sitting at the table with her other child she probably realized she took the child like a minute or two later because she never turned around