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so trying not to freak here, but being my first pregnancy a…

so trying not to freak here, but being my first pregnancy and all, I can't reach anyone from my Dr's office. I am 30 weeks and 1 day, went to the bathroom about 30 min ago had some spotting, haven't had anymore but now I have mild cramps, is this something that I should be freaking out about?? Like going to the emergency room?


— That's exactly what happened to me, although I haven't had sex in about 2 weeks, it's just been really uncomfortable for me since about week 28 :/ Baby seems to be moving just fine, been kicking away for the past couple of hours. But still feeling some slight cramping. I've been drinking water and I guess it's helping. @poiiiisonivey @juliannap

— This happened to me at 30 weeks. Went to pee and there was pink on the toilet paper. Wiped a second time, still pink. Wiped a third, fourth, fifth time and nothing and nothing since that one time. I freaked and called my midwife and she said to monitor it. If it came back, if I got a headache, decreased fetal movement, or cramps to go to L&D to get checked. Like mentioned above, she thought it was because of sex, though.

— That happened to me when I was 28 weeks. I freaked out started crying and etc. went to the hospital and everything was ok, thank God. It was because of sex. The doctor said my husband probably hit my cervix hard. But, if you feel as if something isn't right, get checked. Lay down relax drink something cold and count the baby's kicks.