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omg rant 😡😡😡😡😡 I'm so tired of hearing I need to eat h…

omg rant 😡😡😡😡😡
I'm so tired of hearing I need to eat healthier for my baby. I'm not sitting here eating chips all day and ice cream chill out. like my husband brought pizza home after he was done at the mechanic and I was eating it & my mil and gil are like that's bad for the baby you need to eat healthy , Felix why'd you bring pizza home? like 2 pieces of pizza are not gonna kill me. I eat so much chicken and veggies for this baby as it is, I'm sure some sweets or "junk" food as you call it isn't gonna do anything. then the other day I got a bag of regular potato chips and French onion dip cuz I was craving something sweet & they gave me an entire lecture. and yesterday morning I had waffles for breakfast with some sausage & they just kept giving me dirty looks.

like stop, it's my baby & I know to eat healthy. but the occasional chip or pizza or ice cream of what the hell ever isn't gonna do any harm😡


— So true @savvylynn1

— and as long as everything is good with your baby, then why worry? @kat616

— I love chips honestly haha😂😂 I'm not much of a soda drinker, I never have been. I'd rather go out to a restaurant and have lemonade or something else. sodas just to much for me lol and yeah like to be honest I don't eat super super healthy. I eat whatever I want whenever I want honestly. I've ALWAYS been like that, I was a varsity athlete and eating whatever I wanted didn't bother me and it didn't affect my playing. I'm healthy. and I'm almost 16 weeks and haven't gained a pound. and my baby is growing perfectly and the heartbeat is 154, which my doctor said is perfect! so it doesn't even matter. @kat616

— That's super annoying. And everyone is different. Thanks to nausea I've had chips and soda everyday of my pregnancy...wish that weren't the case but it is, so it doesn't help when people are judgemental about it.

— I would too, I'd have the mcgriddle or sausage & egg mcmuffin & hasbrowns😍 @mommyale3

— @savvylynn1, trust if it was me I can have the McDonald's pancakes all day everyday

— exactly! like they act like I'm having McDonalds for all my meals every day. like chill out 🙄🙄

— girl trust me I get the same thing buhh I still eat watever I want n plus is not that ur eating whatever ur baby is what craves it