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when's a good time to pack a hospital bag?? I haven't reall…

when's a good time to pack a hospital bag?? I haven't really thought about it... oops


— me too thank you hun xxx

— @summertimebaby16, oh god... hope not... good luck hun xx

— well we are in the process of buying a house as well and haven't got a moving date yet it won't be long now but I've got a feeling it's all going to happen at once and I'll be signing papers from the ward haha xx

— aww lovely @summertimebaby16 race is on ha ha xx

— yeah I'm due 13th it's coming up so fast now xx

— @summertimebaby16, thankyou I'm due the 10th July I see your close to me :) xx

— I'm sure you'll be fine then you'll get there eventually if you know what to pack you'll be alright :) xx

— ha ha @summertimebaby16 luckily I only live a few miles away from the hospital... this is my 3rd baby I'm pretty sure I remembered it all last 2 times. it just seems to be going a lot quicker this time xx

— no @donzi.harri I wouldn't worry too much they have all things for babies too so I'm not stressing as long as you've got things for it to come home in that's main concern and if I need and pads or anything I can send my mum haha xx

— @mummyraven2016, @natroberts88 @summertimebaby16 thanx girls... I will start a plan of action soon... I'm not gonna drive myself crazy over it... lol xx

— I'm almost 32 weeks and have have baby's bag packed and nothing apart from breast pads for me haha slowly but surely I'll get there my midwife says do to worry too much if I need anything I haven't got the hospital will have spares I can use/have xx

— Im nearly 34 weeks & ive not started yet 🙈 x

— oh rite. I'm 32 wks today... guessing I should at least get a list together lol... x

— my Princes has been packed since I was 27 weeks lol mine still isn't done tho xx