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so i had my routine appointment today. they werent going to…

so i had my routine appointment today. they werent going to do an exam sonce im only 25 weeks but because ive been having lower back pain and contractions last night they did one. im 2cm and 50% effaced.
baby measures 37 weeks and they noticed hes measured two weeks ahead for the last four months so they believe that hes actaully 37 weeks. theyre sending me to l&d becausr they dont know if i was dilated before since its my first exam and if i change at all theyre going to assume im in labor and thats that. because hes developed enough theyre not gonna stop it.
they found protien in my urine and my blood pressure was just a little high for what is considered normal for me personally but not so high to be of immediate concern.
i havent packed my bag yet but i feel the sudden urge to and i really feel like it might be time but im so unsure. im still contracting and kind of wanna help it along because its been almost 18 hours now with the back pain and all but idk. im a second time mom. is it safe for me to wanna help it? my first was born at 39 weeks


— I don't know a lot, but I would go with your gut instinct. Then you'll feel better too, knowing it's packed.

— edit ***** im 35 weeks NOT 25