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My little sister lol. but i met my boyfriend in 6th grade …

My little sister lol.

but i met my boyfriend in 6th grade in art class i remember we got in trouble for talking and had to get separated then his schedule got changed and we werent in the same class anymore, he was a little brat lol and would get on my nerves we dated in 7th grade for like 2 days then again in 8th grade on September 1st 2009 we started dating again and have been since then. we took eachothers virginities and where eachothers first love. we had alot of ups and downs from me suffering from depression and sucicidal thoughts along with me sneaking out and sneaking around my parents back and spending the night at his house then he told my step dad get the fuck off his property's my step dad held a grudge for a good 3 years and tried everything in their power to keep us away from eachother by even going to the school board and having us go to separate high schools. i was grounded all of the time and it made my depression worse. but nothing they did could keep us away from eachother we communicated through notes in my mailbox or through using peoples cell phones at school. it was a rough 3 years but he never gave up on me, and our love never died. i moved out at 17 and we started to try for a baby (me and my parents where okay at this time and they finally accepted us together and knew i was an adult and didnt want to build more of a wedge between hs anymore) we tried for 2 years and nothing was happening but negative after negative tests. my depression never really went away because the thought of me not being a mom horrified me i started to go down the wrong path and pushed him and my parents away but yet again he cried and begged me to stop going down the wrong path and him and my parents linked up together and showed me how good of a support system i have, and drugs arent the way out. it wss more of a new way to "kill myself" i just gave up on myselfz but then one day something clicked i prayed to god please let me get better please help me lord i started to go to church and focus on my relationship again and focus on my relationship with my parents expecially my mom i got bapitzed October 25th and concieved the same day with our miracle baby after years of not being able to get pregnant. god had a plan and he needed me to seek him before he blessed me with a baby. our daughter has literally taken every ounce of anger and saddness out of me. i am just thankful for my boyfriend for being my rock and loving me when i wasnt loveable. im not here to be judged because this shows to you that relationships have ups and downs and to love one another no matter what. im so thankful for my daughter boyfriend and family.

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