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#MYSO in fall of 2012 I had just turned 18 and I decided to…

#MYSO in fall of 2012 I had just turned 18 and I decided to download a app called meet me within the first hour I had 50 messages but one name caught my eye Lester, after sending a couple messages nothing serious we found out we went to the same gym.that Monday we met at the gym and started talking and flirting some soon after he asked me on a date.we went chills and then just walking around the mall then we drove on top of a hill behind his grandparents he told me if I wanted to look at the stars on the hood of his car so I did well I'm short so he lifted me up and kissed me it was definitely amazing after two months and seeing each other I found out I was pregnant he was so happy I honestly thought he was going to leave me but he didn't .our son was born in November of 2013 and in April 2014 we got some news that he was getting deployed overseas I was young, scared, worried but I had to be strong for my son after 8 months he finally came home i was so happy we decided to try for another child after a year we finally got pregnant with a baby girl who is due in July I love this man more then anything definitely bless god put him in my life

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