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I met #myso in my driveway lol.. he went to a party w/his b…

I met #myso in my driveway lol.. he went to a party w/his buddy & a friend of mine. I didn't make it to the party bc of work. she texted me what I was doing , if I wanted some tacos lol I couldn't say no!😄 so here they came at 3am. he was shy and quiet in the back. kept to himself. & I liked that. he eventually broke out of his shell. we had some laughs & I couldn't get him out of my head for some reason. and apparently he felt the same way. the following weekend he made sure to tell my friend to convince me to go out. we became inseparable. we would talk on the phone and texted all the time. I even met his mom and family before we made it official. first girl his mom ever met. even my mom liked him something about him. she trusted him. my mom trusted no one lol.. Almost 6 years later, we have a soon to be 4 year old son & our baby girl on the way. & God willing I will officially be Mrs. Miranda soon.

I love him "always & forever" #05062010

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