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speaking my mind it gets me in trouble but I careless bc i …

speaking my mind it gets me in trouble but I careless bc i know I am saying the truth and as all ways the truth hurts.
I don't connect with my husbands aunt at all, as a matter of fact i hate her period.
bc she is all ways criticizing every one , no one is good based on her judgements, no one does any thing good, no one stays in touch with her & blah blah blah.
I tried at the beginning to keep her as close as I could, with school work and been a wife I use to find time for her but as time when by i realized that isn't worth it so I stoped wasting time with her.
last night she was at my sister-in-law house as I waked in she asking me why didn't I tell her that I was coming, and I just looked and her and walked away with my baby boy to the other room, like bitchh you are not my mother or my mother in law wtf. she as like how come you can't come over my house but you come to her?, i said I am sorry but she is 30min a way from me and you are 2hrs that's if isn't traffic. I can't be driving that long with two under 3yrs old children and on top of that the baby boy is breastfeeding he doesn't go more than one hour with out drinking.
like are you crazy bitchhh. than I told my husband and my mother in law I also asked them to tell her to back off and stop bossing me. I don't like her and I will not go to visit her if my husband doesn't wane to he doesn't like his aunt either. she is sicko!

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