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Baby girl is due really soon. June 12th!!! Im freaking out.…

Baby girl is due really soon. June 12th!!! Im freaking out. First time mommy guys.


— @kat616, im having a girl too. lol. and i have a diaper bag packed but not sure if its enough.

— @cholaloca1324, a girl. You?

— @jennie825, lol. yea. once im at the hospital and all settled in, then she can come as quickly as she wants. haha.

— @cholaloca1324, oh goodness mama...well I hope you make it in time to get there lol...I gotta go out of town myself to have the baby...so I kind of understand on that level...I'm hoping he takes his time till I get to the hospital too lol.

— @jennie825, we just gotta keep our fingers crossed. lol. but i hope shes not too quick though because i live about an hour away from the hospital. lol

— @cholaloca1324, mama I'm there with u on that...my son has been like that for awhile too...Dr has told me he's in position..I'm just ready waiting on him...I'm thinking this time I'm getting the epidural...I wanna enough this one cuz it's my last...but my friends think I'm gonna have a quick labor since its my fourth and last lol...

— @kat616, are you ready for your due date? bags all packed? lol.

— @jennie825, im still debating on the epidural though. i guess it depends on how quickly everything goes. everyone says shes dropping and that shes ready to come out. shes been in the head down position for like 3 weeks or more now. so idk.

— that's so exciting..ull learn a new experience...it's so amazing...the pain will be so worth it when u see ur babies face!!!@cholaloca1324

— @jennie825, i know right?? i think im just nervous at this point. first time mommy and im just watching the months fly by.

— so excited..and nervous lol..how about u@cholaloca1324 ..seems more real now that it's next month!!

— @jennie825, crazy how many of us are due next month. lol. are you excited??

— I'm due June 8th 😊

— @mommyof2princessesp, omg. congrats. lol. cant believe she will almost be in my arms. crazy.

— Ahh I'm due June 13! 😊😊