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Does anyone know any little tricks for easing back pain? I've just jumped into bed and it's excruciating, it's like I have electric shocks going right up my spine and round my hips into my legs and actually causes my back to stiffen and unable to move it. Is this something I should phone a doctor about or speak to my midwife? It's stopped a little just now, feels like pressure but my back still feels all stiff 😞

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— Hot water bottle?xx @beccastirlingx

— Never worked with previous back pain so defo won't work with this! This is so strange 😂 never felt anything like it @courtniegeexo xx

— I dunno then? Maybe have a hot bath see if that will help xx @beccastirlingx

— Contractions hun!!! xx

— It's stopped now tho and been replaced with excruciating tummy cramps 😭😭😭😭😭 @winterbaby95

— @beccastirlingx Constant?? xx

— Pretty much yeah, was like trapped wind. When I lie on my right side it keeps it at bay but that brings on the pressure in my back, in so much pain either way 😞 @winterbaby95 x

— @winterbaby95, it's my body clearing out 😬😬😬😬 x