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I made Gatorade ice cubes to suck on when I'm nauseous but …

I made Gatorade ice cubes to suck on when I'm nauseous but also to put in other Gatorade so it doesn't get watered down. BEST decision EVER


— it's not what u think it will be! just remember to breath through your contractions! and the epidural stings like a bee then u feel your body getting warm and then u go numb. up until u get to nine or ten cm then u either feel pressure and ur belly tighten and they walk u through everything! so u will not be alone! u can do it have faith in yourself: )@emkasting btw I don't have a high pain tolerance either.

— I'm so scared lol 😓 I'm such a wuss for real and I have a low pain tolerance. I'm freaking out for all this! @warfordmomma

— as long as it 3-4 cm u can get the epidural I just waited until my contractions were starting to hurt! by that time I was at 5 cm!@emkasting

— @warfordmomma do you know how early you can get the epidural? Or do you have to be dilated a certain amount?

— @emkasting, o and thank you very much!

— @emkasting, don't feel like an ass u can't see everything lol labor was getting painful at five cm so I got the epidural then they broke my water and labor went quick 6:30 to 3:59 and only pushed for 25 minutes!

— @warfordmomma I forgot to tag you in that comment lol!

— OMG how did I miss it! I feel like an ass ah congratulations!!! How did it go?

— I gave birth two days ago!@emkasting and I don't miss the miserable feeling lol

— @warfordmomma

— I'm doing alright!! Thanks for asking :) starting to feel pretty darn uncomfortable and sleeping is getting a little more impossible haha but other than that I've had a pretty awesome pregnancy! I'm 36 weeks so only a month or less to go! Starting to get pretty nervous not gonna lie :/. How are you?! You've got even less time than me right?

— @emkasting, you can take the credit for posting it and bringing it to my attention: ) how are u doing btw? and how much longer do u have?! wondering bc I have this belly cast thing I bought and I never got to use it so if u want it I was thinking I could send it to u! bc your really the only one on her I talk to consistently!

— @lynnx1800 do it it's wonderful! And @warfordmomma unfortunately I can't take the credit for this great idea, I found it online. But it is fantastic :)

— omg your genius that would have been a good idea in my first trimester @emkasting

— I may have to steal this idea 😳