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why is it now all of a sudden no matter what I do my daught…

why is it now all of a sudden no matter what I do my daughter won't latch correctly on the right side? I get milk all over me and I end up pumping that side because she nurses long enough to cause a let down but not much longer (the longest amount of time in the last day has been 6 minutes) she will nurse and latch normally on the left side but not the right.... it's driving me nuts


— I totally understand.... and other recipes are a great idea for sure, get as much use out of that liquid gold as you can, I used to keep a small amount in the fridge and put it on my daughters baby acne

— she doesn't take bottles, but I was finding some cool recipes on pinterest....I guess I can always pump it as I need it, but that was a lot of work to get all that just to see it in the trash!!

— @kattastrophe,

— it is sad.... the other night in had thawed some to try and give to my daughter in a sippy cup (she stopped taking bottles when we are gone) and I went to take a shower so my husband could try to feed her.... he didn't have hot water (didn't think of using the tea pot or boiling some water) so I had to dump it down the drain... it was 7 ounces only, I can't imagine an entire months worth I would cry

— I feel you on that! I wish I could afford a deep freezer! my refrigerator went out last week and made my milk stock go bad. lost my whole freezer supply... just a month worth of pumping, but still sad!

— that's true @kattastrophe I only have the freezer that's part of my refrigerator not a deep freezer otherwise I wouldn't mind but I have to have room for food lol

— it'll come in handy though!! not just bottles, you can make all sorts of recipes with breastmilk for your little when they eat more solids!! even just frozen milk in a mesh feeder for teething, it's great (:

— ok thanks @kattastrophe I will just pump the one she doesn't nurse from much lol I'm just running out of room in my freezer

— my daughter changes favorite boobs every month or two, it's inconvenient but normal

— it is definitely a handful @ladyb3lle going strong for 6 months (until now) I'm wondering if her cold has something to do with it, like if she's laying that way she just can't breathe properly

— That's gotta be awful... Breastfeeding is a handful it's worth it it's the best but it takes work... Men and people who dont have children have no idea, that's why the whole breastfeeding in public is such a big deal.

— @alesia_, @ladyb3lle

— I try and try and try but it hurts and she flat out refuses.... I've had to do this before when she went thru a spurt of nursing just one side at a feeding

— I had that at the beginning, but she has been nursing from both sides for awhile.... she is 6 months now.... I guess I can always pump lol she will start to nurse but it hurts and she makes a huge mess, thankfully I tuck a burp rag into my bra lol and it's for like 2 minutes, or like this time 1 minute

— It's frustrating but you gotta keep trying your chest will look uneven if she nurses on just one and you pump the other