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This is not pregnancy related but there's a dog outside our…

This is not pregnancy related but there's a dog outside our apartment door and I've never seen it around. We have a mat outside so it's laying there cos it's kind of chilli out and he/she is crying :(((( I can't bring it inside. Who can I call so they can do something? It doesn't have a collar so I can't call it's owner


— It ended up leaving during the night :/ I hope it found its way back to its owner by now @jennatess @greenlandnichole @ashleymonae

— give it something to eat and of you have a old towel put it out for it to lay and be warm until you find someone to get him and maybe some water

— So sad omg...

— 😭

— That really helps!! Thank you @jennatess

— Also, maybe add this Facebook group and post a pic. I'm apart of an animal lost&found; group here in Sacramento, CA and I've noticed it's super helpful.

— @optimusviolet, I wish you could bring her in. Bless her heart:(. I'd honestly post on Facebook asking if any friends near by could take her for the night.

— @jennatess

— I just did all of that (: It does look scared and lost cos it keeps walking back and forth from the stairs to other doors and then back to mine. I'm gonna call someone to come pick it up in the morning if it's still here :( I feel so bad that I can hear it crying

— Search animal control for your area. And for time being, put a warm blanket outside for the dog. Check for a collar. If she's crying, she's probably lost and scared..id bet she belongs to someone.

— Try to find local non-kill shelters.