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Okay I hardly post but I have a question. Thursdayy fiance…

Okay I hardly post but I have a question. Thursdayy fiance and I went to the zoo and then to his grandparents house and I noticed that my feet were really swollen and hurt to touch the top of my foot cause they were so swollen. Is that normal at the beginning of pregnancy? Like before you even find out.


— no not yet. l probably will tonight. because I usually get my period in the morning and it hasn't come yet @pacifica248

— Have you tested yet??

— Ohhhhhh got it! I'm supposed to get my period tomorrow but I really hope I don't 😭 @pacifica248

— Days past ovulation. I tested positive 10 days after I ovulated

— what is dpo? @pacifica248

— 10 Dpo

— Really when did you find out? @pacifica248

— Well mine were hurting bad before I found out, right before

— I don't even know if I'm pregnant yet though. @pacifica248 And at work my feet hurts a lot faster than they used to because I am a cashier at Sears and I literally stand in a cash wrap for 6-7 hours and my feet hurt after 30 minutes of standing there 😭😭 and I wear super comfy shoes too.

— My feet hurt i am early too!! Maybe 4-5 weeks

— It was weird cause my feet have never been swollen in my life @leahh