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Pray for me guys, ultrasound came back and there wasn't any…

Pray for me guys, ultrasound came back and there wasn't anything there. Um I'm about 2-3 weeks pregnant. Any advice? This happened to anyone else? Please comment!!! I have 48 hours until I go back...for retesting. 😞😞😞😞😢😢😢😢💔💔💔


— Prayers and positive vibes to you😇😇😇

— Thanks a bunch , you have no idea how much you've calmed me. @katiemomma2be

— oh good! just stay positive and try not to stress everything will me ok 💕

— Yeah I have 2 and 1 from the doctor @katiemomma2be

— and you got more they one positive tests?

— Yeah that's what they did too. They actually did both. Vag and stomach. @ashsloan

— Thank you! @leahh

— Good, I'm praying that's it. I've been bleeding and cramping. But it's not a whole lot of blood. But since I was actually bleeding and went to the ER they did the ultrasound. @katiemomma2be

— You can't even see a sac at 3 weeks even with a transvaginal ultrasound

— Thanks so much girl ❤️ @octobermama96

— I know kaiser wont even do an ultrasound that early. I didnt get an ultrasound or an appointment until i was 7 weeks and at that time it was itty bitty. cramping is normal you just dont want to see any severe amounts of blood. I have a feeling you just got an ultrasound a little TOO early. 💕💕💕

— @pinkbows, I had ALOT of cramping towards the beginning of my pregnancy, but no blood. Anyway, sending you positive thoughts and praying for you! If this isn't the time, have faith, God will bless you again soon enough.

— Yes! 😩 I really need that to be my case. Doctors are scaring me. @leahh

— @octobermama96,

— I really hope that's my case. It's so scary. I've been cramping like crazy.