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am I the only mommy on here not planning on getting some su…

am I the only mommy on here not planning on getting some super fancy cute coming home outfit for my baby?? were literally going to leave the hospital and go home, I don't see the obsession with needing a newborn baby to be dressed up for that. my son will be wearing a onesie and if it's cold some pants over it. lol just my opinion ! and I'm not throwing shade at the mommies that are dolling up their babies, just speaking my mind (:


— I've already picked the coming home outfit. It's a simple white long sleeved onesie, grey pants, white socks and no scratch mittens :)

— yeah my plan is just onesies or sleepers. no need to put him in something itchy and uncomfortable when he's brand new and were not going anywhere but home! like I said no judgement on anyone that wants the ruffles and fancy stuff it's just not my idea of a going home outfit. I want my son to be comfy just like I will be in comfy clothes

— There is so much extra laundry when you pack all those clothes for baby. I'm gonna have one outfit for pictures and leave him/her in the hospital clothes the rest of the time.

— We'll probably throw a romper outfit on my son and call it good...if we don't just leave him in pajamas. 😂

— I just wanna put my girl in something comfy!

— my daughters coming home outfit with the matching headband and black pants

— this was my daughters coming home outfit just a dress and my son has a pair of cordory overalls with a puppy on them nothing to fancy just something special that I can keep

— it's still cold here, so all I packed was some warm jammies, and a long sleeve onesie, pants outfit. like you said, their just coming home, why not just be comfy?

— My best friend. Got me a onesie that says "ladies I have arrived" for our baby shower. That's my plan plus some pants and a hat.

— yeah, I will pick a cute outfit but it isn't going to be like her prom dress or anything lol. just a cute little onsie or something that is simple enough.

— 😂 Im takin home a puppy

— Lol my baby is just wearing a onsie with puppies on it, and a puppy cap.

— lol my SO is okay with me picking out most of our son's clothes so I have a ton of overalls and little polos and stuff just bc they're so darn cute. @rockysmommy

— Same here! I mean I'd love too. But I can't bring myself to go that far out on a coming home outfit. I could get him like 5 outfits for one of those outfits cause their so expensive. Lol

— same here...im like no way am I obsessing over something that will ethier get shitted on or throw up lmao