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Cannot deal with this. I swear when someone throws the show…

Cannot deal with this. I swear when someone throws the shower the person they're throwing it for SHOULDN'T know how the hell much you pay. I swear she's only telling me to hint around at something.


— @supermommy31082 sounds super easy girl if these people keep fucking with me the way they are they wont know next time. From week one everything is baby this baby that. I got strep throat and since I have asthma its bad I didn't get asked once are you okay it's no. Take care of yourself that baby is at risk I was like wtf!?

— yes lord it does that's why I chose to do this last baby alone I ain't want a daddy sounds sad but he turned out to be a piece of shit so I ain't tell his FAM or nothing just my family is involved and this is my best pregnancy ever

— @rockysmommy that's why most people do things girl sadly. But I'm the same I've gotten to where i dont want anything from anyone just to stay out of the way Joe and I chose to raise our kid and to listen if i say stop

— @supermommy31082 yeah girl I try not to act like a brat but don't do this crap to me then get mad when I want my mom to come to the 4D ultrasound and i didnt invite her😩 drama till the end I swear that's what pregnancy consist of

— she making me mad and I don't even know her 😡😡😡😡😡

— It really does. That's why I keep to myself and don't ask for much. My Nina is only doing a baby shower because she threw my sister one and thinks I'd be upset if she didn't give me one I feel like.

— @rockysmommy I've noticed girl it sucks

— @supermommy31082 the funny thing is I finally said look of were doing this invitations need to be sent and that was a week ago I got Fed up so I made them and paid for them then they sat on my table waiting for her to come get them im ended up telling her come get them or cancel it. Theyre still sitting on her table😐

— @hermommy, no ma'am you ain't no way in ya hormones she threw so much shade in that text subliminally saying I'm paying this waiting for you to say well I can give you XYZ hell no let her ass pay and complain lmao

— People just do whatever they want now a days without thinking of others.

— @rockysmommy lol that's too funny girl, maybe she's truely just forgotten! But girl idk just like they've asked me a million times how much of what we need and how many people and I'm just like wtf idk? and i refuse to pay for something I didn't want. I don't want a baby shower until my last baby and they wouldn't listen to me.

— Why the hell would she do that?? Is she expecting you to pay her back or something? And yeah my mom is weird I gave her his moms number a month ago and then just text her asking her to call his mom and she asked for her number. Like mom get your shit together 😂 I love my mom but she's not the brightest.

— the funny thing and the reason I don't understand why she is telling me this is she INSISTED I told her from day one I don't want one now she waited u til there is 2 weeks left and has nothing so she's freaking out about price which also makes no sense considering they OWN a business and don't have to pay for anything bc their parents still do.😐 @supermommy31082 I'm glad you agree though I thought it was my hormones lol

— omg that is so dam rude

— @rockysmommy @supermommy31082