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Time to chill☺️. Just me and my little lady 👩🏻👶🏼💞

Time to chill☺️. Just me and my little lady 👩🏻👶🏼💞


— Ohh sorry there is a queensferry by me lol xxx

— @nico7, yeah I'm all better now... when I was in there is was contracting but I couldn't even feel it lol.. I would be happy if the real thing is like that but I doubt it lol 😂😂 and OMG! so yeah you can go like any day then.. and what's spd?xx

— @zoee23, I'm in Edinburgh. @jessicahorn that doesn't sound good! Hope your well now. I had labour stopped at 29 weeks, then in labour again at 33 weeks but they were going to let it happen, but it all just stopped. So it's pretty much a waiting game now for things to actually happen😂. Also got spd, that's been a nightmare xx

— @nico7, everything was going fine until a few weeks ago when I was having urine infections and then I got septicaemia which was dreadful 😡 but starting to get better now. . hope the rest of the pregnancy goes good for you and me either.. I can't wait to meet our little girl as well xx

— Buckley xxx

— @zoee23, where about are you @zoee23 ?xx

— @jessicahorn, had more downs than ups, but it's went so fast! Can't wait to meet my girl now though. What about you? I haven't found anyone same date until now xx

— you live near me lol @nico7 xx

— @nico7, how is it going for you 😁 I think you are the second person with the same date I have found lol xx

— @jessicahorn, omg! Finally someone due the same day👌🏼😂😂 xx

— @nico7, okay so we have the same date 😁😛 xx

— @jessicahorn, it's may 13th. What about you? I forget who I ask too😂 xx

— @nico7, when is your due date? I don't know whether I've asked you lol cc