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mommy's that had c sections how long did ya feet and ankle…

mommy's that had c sections how long did ya feet and ankles stay swollen?


— @elaisa, sorry so late I already have like very lose skin so it looks like hanging skin. I feel so depressed.

— @momi2b4, my stomach was lose after i had my baby but I started using girdles and it's starting to get tighter.

— @elaisa, I just feel sad. I have like a ball of extra scar tissue on my lower stomach and I just want to cry how will I get rid of that .

— Just remember that your body creates beautiful babies 😘

— @momi2b4, I feel bad about my body but when I just look at it for a while it makes me happy 😊

— @momi2b4, I do it get pain on my surgery but it itches sometimes. And the whole feet thing should get better in a few more months, for me 😕

— @elaisa, I want them back now.. I'm already depressed if how my stomach looks and now my feet I'm so sad.

— @elaisa, oh my gosh

— I had my baby Jan. 21 and my shoes are just starting to fit but they still get swollen 😑

— @aguardado5, thank u yes I do want to just get up and do everything.

— well try ur best remeber u had a c section u cant be doing to much focuse on u and baby right now i know u probablly wanna get up and do stuff but relax if u can. my baby is 2 months and im still not fully recovered my c sec hurts after carrying her for a long time. hope ur feet get better soon

— @aguardado5, I been drinking water but it's hard to rest feet

— i had to wear my husbands shoes the last part of my pregnancy and two weeks after drink water. and well rest ur feet up like when u were pregnant see if it helps @momi2b4

— really? @aguardado5 oh wow my shoes don't fit!

— like 2 weeks