Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам

I love this but my bf hate it

I love this but my bf hate it


— Thanks love @tattooedmami 🤗

— Beautiful 😍

— Yes I'm like boy you so plain @savahannah gone say I'ma pick out all her clothes so she can look like a boy 😂

— That's adorable! I just think guys would rather put the baby in a tshirt and pants my boyfriend is the same way he doesn't like all the frilly stuff

— @mommy_to_be.taylor, thanks love girls are so fun I know only thing you can get like a hat or blanket

— This is adorable!!! I'm having a boy. And I can't get stuff like this😔

— Yeah see I use the crochet that you get from ac Moore I never have a problem with it @emily18234

— it depends on the material. my friend made me a blanket from acrylic and after the first time it touched water it got not at all soft

— that is so cute o luv it

— I don't think it would be I just think of the blankets that get made out of the crochet @emily18234

— it looks so itchy!