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So what is everyone doing on this Friday night??

So what is everyone doing on this Friday night??


— i make my hair my makeup a few selfies 😂😂😂 now im thinking go to the gas station to get sone snacks

— I'm tryna catch up too. lol @newmommy72816

— just ate this nice fish sandwich and catching up on my shows for the week

— Girl I know how those toothaches are Smh especially while pregnant. I hope it gets better @babycabralsmom
& Girl I had one of those earlier for lunch lol & yes the line was hella long but we sat right there😂 at least everything was hot @msvanessa27

— i didnt want pizza my bf and son did 😩 i wanted a $5 big box from popeyes since they back again lol @momof2delvinanzalaya they were so damn packed i almost cried and left lol

— yea I'm waiting on my bf to get bk now. He probably gone do the same thing lol @aimeefrye

— Was watching scrubs my s/o fell asleep I'm up with a toothache

— Sounds good! Im about to go raid my fridge in a few lol @msvanessa27

— laying in bed with my fur babies and watching hubby play his game.

— watching some movie with my son n waiting on this pizza to arrive lol