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Does epidural get you a little high? I know it numbs you.

Does epidural get you a little high? I know it numbs you.


— @michellevaldez4750, I'm not really scared of the epidural too much. The pressure from the c-section is what I'm referring to. You all are really helping me though. It's helping to ease my mind.

— I'm definitely going to try to get one this time. I didn't make it to the hospital in time with my youngest. I was so upset I couldn't get it.

— from the epidural? not nearly as bad as I had expected. I didn't have one with my first born because I was so scared of the needle in my back but it was over quick and compared to labor it wasn't sh*t! @gcpaschal

— Not really, Your extremely numb down there if they do it correctly.

— @michellevaldez4750, @kee89 @ninanicole2 Was the pressure really bad?

— It didn't last the whole time though, after that faded it was just the numbness left which was fine, I couldn't feel a thing.

— They put I think fentylol in it it too or some kind of benzo? I don't remember exactly what but something that had me feeling pretty good!

— There's hope for me after all. I want to be high too.

— I was high

— So it's possible. I watched a YouTube video of a chick having a c-section and she seemed high but she really felt the pressure.

— I was definitely high from it.

— Dag for-real? Getting closer to having mine so I'm nervous lol.

— It have different effect on people... With me it made me feel itchy and I was seeing things lol

— Damn!

— No just numbs you