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Disgusted by this man trying to talk to me after telling hi…

Disgusted by this man trying to talk to me after telling him I'm happily married and he can clearly see I'm pregnant.


— exactly! @evococa

— @michellevaldez4750, yeah, I heard it a lot when I was a server 🙄 they thought they were so original. Maybe it's a Kansas thing though? Idk. But I agree, there's some women who may be married but they just don't care. They give these creeps the idea that any married woman is game.

— @evococa, I never heard that one. wtf! if a woman tells a man she's married after he hits on her its usually a nice way of also saying "not in a million years would I ever talk to you" cuz if she was interested marriage wouldn't probably matter. that's what I've always figured. although there's literally no man alive that I would choose over my husband no matter how much he pisses me off!

— I hate that crap. I think the line that pisses me off the most is "rings don't block holes". Makes me want to deck them right in the face. Men are disgusting rude creatures.

— I had that happen a few weeks ago and had 2 of my kids with me too. shameless!!!!!

— I was getting a raspa once, when I was about 17/18 weeks pregnant (which is when I started to really show) and these two older men in a truck slowed down beside me and said "Mm, I'd fuck you so good that I would make that baby mine." And I was SO OFFENDED. Of all the nasty things I've been told by men, that was by far the worst.

— That has happened to me before too like I don't get it!!! You see that I'm pregnant so obviously I'm involved with somebody it's so gross to me

— I can't believe it omg!!

— It's disgusting! The men at my work are like that, I say I have a boyfriend and then they say well he doesn't have to know about us if you want to do stuff. Um that's just gross! Luckily me and him work together so I'll just send my SO their way.

— Someone told me not to have anymore babies by my SO so he could become apart of the picture. This guy said this recently too. Men are something else

— @calebsmommy1121, that's so ignorant! I don't know why I'm shocked smh.

— they don't care! I heard they like pregnant women. pheromones all in the air lol

— They definitely don't care about that. I was huge and everyone could see I was pregnant and men still talked to me and tried to take me out with lines like "your baby gone need a daddy to raise em." 😒

— @babes87101116, they truly are!!

— Happens to me all the time. Men are disgusting. 😤