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im so upset. im trying.to put the baby to sleep and what ha…

im so upset. im trying.to put the baby to sleep and what happens like always.... my boyfriends grandparents storm in and pick him up and take him out of the room to carry him before they go out... do they not understand they should knock on the door and if im trying to put him to sleep.. LEAVE HIM THE HELL ALONE!!!! god please help me. I already have postpartum depression and now im just blowing up with anger every single day this isnt a good combo.... I just dont want anyone touching my son... is that wrong???


— @nicemmcha2015, @mommagotbump16

— they don't believe that there is such thing as ppd. my bf is beyond upset about how they are acting with me he has gotten into a ton if fights with them and its causing a ton of problems between him and i

— @mommagotbump16, you're right. his grand parents made my life hell. yet when she got depression and went off the deep end we were supposed to just not say anything and be sympathetic about it. psst uh no. crap doesn't work like that.

— @nicemmcha2015, I hate to say it but a lot of people in that generation don't "believe" that they're real issues, that doctors have made up these things to describe imaginary complaints. :( I thought more people were beginning to understand, but there are still those few unfortunately.

— @may4jessie, if you talk to your dr and get diagnosed with it then they can't argue. maybe they could give you meds to help. I'm sorry you're stuck there. his grandparents used to do that to me.. they'd even try to turn him against me because they said I was just doing it and acting that way just to be hateful.

— @may4jessie, man that's rough. They sound like miserable people. Medication could help. If only your doc could write a prescription for an apartment... And what does your boyfriend say to all of this?

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— they dont. they think that its an excuse moms use. they dont understand how hard it is to deal with it every day and even harder with them making my life a living hell... my dr wants to put me on pills but I have spent most of my life on meds

— What the hell? Why would they say that? Do they not believe ppd exists or something? @may4jessie girl make sure you talk to your doctor, especially if you're not able to talk about it at home.

— I live wirh them but we have never been ok with eachother before the baby. and now when they found out they were like lets fix things... not that easy with all the hell the put me through. and I get bitched at if they cant get the baby. im literally so torn every single day with how I feel and not being able to change anything ive tried to make boundaries but they dont care they do what they want when they want. @mommagotbump16

— I cant pump I canr breast feed I can even tell them that they are really messing me up... the keep saying I dont have ppd and that I cant have ppd and saying so many bad things about it... ive always suffered from depression and its just getting worse. im battling so many things and cant handle it... I live with them and dont even feel like im at home here. im walking on egg shells every day. and I cant cry until the night time when they are asleep... @nicemmcha2015

— Do y'all live with his family? If so you'll need to set up some rules about baby's routine, and probably establish boundaries too (as in, they can't barge in and get him all awake again whenever they feel like it, please ask you first, etc). A lot of times families will act like they have some claim to the baby just because y'all are all under one roof. The anger can be part of the pp depression too, but it's good you can recognize it happening. That way you can try to cope with it. (And yes it's perfectly normal to feel that way, ppd or not.) I'm sorry hon this is definitely not an easy journey, but you can make it!

— no, its a new mother instinct. you're just being protective. when my 1st was a newborn I had ppd really bad and someone holding my baby about sent me over the edge.. I'd have to fight tears. my husband's grandparents did the same thing to me. they'd want to Come over all the time and they'd keep her awake and she would get over tired and I was left with a screaming newborn who you couldn't console. his grandma was constantly trying to push me out of the way. and it made things so so bad. I know how you feel and no its not wrong. you have a right to feel whatever it is you're feeling.