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probably tmi....but I really need to trim my nether regions…

probably tmi....but I really need to trim my nether regions but I can't see it any more.....#pregnancyproblems


— I had this problem earlier this week! It was so funny. I could just about see over my bump but I managed. I'll have to get my partner to do it next time 🙈

— It's not easy I have cut myself many a time trying to reach 😣 xx

— Hair removal ;) @mich77 xx

— @roxyrottie, my oh does Mine sometimes but I have to finish it lol xx

— hahaha I could write a book called 'pregnancy, the bits they don't tell you about'.....piles, having to buy tenner lady, not being able to tame the lady garden, etc etc 😂

— Once it started getting difficult i got my OH to do it for me lol xx

— @cheznileigh, so true, they make pregnancy seem like the most amazing thing ever but fail to highlight the reality of it all 😂 yeah, such a scary thought even although midwifes have probably seen it all! Hahaha xx

— @beccastirlingx, @mich77 there is no true pregnancy manual haha they all make everything about pregnancy seem amazing and missing out the little bits ;) and I'm the same, I try to do it every time I case I have to go to the hospital or something, would be so embarrassing 😂🙈 xx

— Blind shave with your hand! I literally have to feel to see where I've missed. I do it almost every shower as I'm so scared of going into labour with hair down there and hairy legs🙈🙈🙈 @cheznileigh x

— I think I'm going to have to take a mirror....I can't bed though hahahaha. they don't put this in the pregnancy manual @cheznileigh @mummyraven2016

— I've had to start bringing the mirror into the shower with me 😂🙈

— it's the main problem I'm sure we all face I know I do its awful lol xx