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My MIL and I were in Walmart last night, and of course we h…

My MIL and I were in Walmart last night, and of course we headed for the shortest open line. We got stuck behind a lady with her WIC vouchers, and a cashier who was having trouble franking the vouchers through her machine.
Do you know what I did? I spoke to her like a human being. I let her know that I knew what she was going through. That she wasn't alone. I gave her advice on where to get certain things, and how to find the exact brands that she needed.
I'm so sick of hearing and seeing all this cruelty in the world around me directed towards other people. No one knows your situation, no one knows the real reason behind why some people need WIC, or why some people need the ride-on carts at Walmart, or why someone might need to be parked in a handicap space, or why someone isn't working. The lady with WIC may be struggling with finding a job right now, and trying to pay her way through school. The lady with the ride-on cart may be undergoing chemo, and can't walk for long periods of time. The man in the handicap space may have another health issue on top of his obesity that keeps him from walking too far, and the man who's out of a job may not be working because he has a mental issue that keeps him from being able to.
All I'm trying to say is, don't judge too quickly. Yes, there are bad people out there. But not everyone is a "moocher". Rant over 😂


— Love this. It's so true. People go through struggles. For a while we were on SNAP but I had an iPhone. I felt I had to hide my phone, or card, or both so I didn't get attacked. I had gotten my phone prior to needing assistance, but you see all these people bitching or making memes about "you got XYZ but I see you using gov't assistance". Just because someone needs some help doesn't mean they're abusing the system. 😞

— I love this!!! that's so cool prime example of treating people how you would want to be treated awesome job!!!

— Can I just give you a hug for being so awesome

— thank you I'm glad someone else finally said it.