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It makes me laugh when ppl say they are over being preggo a…

It makes me laugh when ppl say they are over being preggo at 10 weeks..baby girl you have a long say to go..wait til you get to your 3rd trimester..its like the 1st all over again.. 😣😣😣


— i think I'll be napping off n on all day today,sounds real good right about now @ftmommieoftwiinz

— Haha you too! Your just waking up and im thinking about going back to bed @numommy2016

— took the words right out my mouth lol smh ..oh and im just waking up😣😩 lol @ftmommieoftwiinz have a good weekend girl!!

— no joke !

— @arijane316, haha right like you just got preggo! A few days ago!

— Yes but the last month always seems to drag! @ftmommieoftwiinz

— @ftmommieoftwiinz, and your having twins I know its double symptoms lol

— Yes the 2nd was pretty good..its when i was coming off the 1st entering the 3rd is when im like take me now!! Lol @klarrissab

— @ftmommieoftwiinz, lol

— it drives me nuts when they say that shit so early on. like honey you don't even know the half of it yet

— @babytuna, aww your almost done!! @brycesmommy omg yes! This heartburn makes me think my babies are going to be little hair balls 😂😂😂

— I'm loving the second trimester! My first wasn't that bad besides breast soreness, round ligament pain and fatigue. I had no sickness.

— girl lol I know...my nausea and vomiting just started coming back today and heartburn started up again too😠

— My first 7 months where awesome besides morning sickness 😩 didn't show until about 28-30 weeks so I loved it but then bammmm I popped out lol I will be 37 weeks in 2 days & now my backs killing me

— Im in week 28 and im just having flash backs to the first 3 months..no energy..cant hold my food down..onky difference is im getting bigger and their kicks are starting to get more and more uncomfortable @babytuna