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I just did the baking soda gender test..... It said girl ..…

I just did the baking soda gender test..... It said girl .. I hope it's correct & I have a baby girl !!!


— Yeah at first I didn't believe them I was like let me try for fun cause when I first did it mines fizz then I did it again with my first pee in the am and it didn't do nothing

— I was going to get blood work done but I just soda forget it. We said let it be a surprise. We are just buying unisex things. Lol at times my child's father and I still call the baby by the girl name we picked out. We really have our hopes set on a girl @mantha823

— I know I was so heart broken when they told me that. Smh. @amaperalta03

— lol I did it too I'll b finding out by blood work within the next 2 weeks what I'm having I say another girl so does my husband

— I hope mine is !! Ladies who I've been reading on here all said that theirs was right @nadeah I hope mine is too

— That's messed up

— Nope Because they told me it was a girl than said different , when we went back & checked the baby didn't want to cooperate. I don't get another ultrasound because my child is healthy @amaperalta03 so I just have to wait until birth or they feel like given me another one

— I did it also mines was right

— Just mix your pee & baking soda . If it fizz it's a boy if not it's a girl @zakiyyah

— You don't know the sex of your baby yet ?

— How you do it??