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4 weeks today til due date 😄😄 baby better turn round befo…

4 weeks today til due date 😄😄 baby better turn round before then,, can't wait to see my girl with baby she's so exited xxx


— I hope if this 1 stays back to back it will be an easy labour then lol @winterbaby95 xx

— @ashleigh91 It was a very easy labour :) to me anyway haha :) The birth would've been natural if he head wasn't positioned awkwardly :) But yeah...I did like 3-5 pushes and the doc pulled twice with the forceps and she was out :) I was cut :) But it was fine xx :)

— I'm nervous about labour this time I'm goin try for a natural agen but I ended up with emergency section with my daughter with her I was contracting for 4 days and even then I was only 2cm n ended up havin the section so want as relaxing labour and birth as poss this time,, nervous tha if baby is back to back it will be another difficult 1 @winterbaby95 xx

— I was in labour for over 24 hours...and only in established for 8 :) I went on gas and air at 8cms xx

— @ashleigh91 The labour is supposed to be painful...and it wasn't lol...had pains but I didn't push on gas and air as I wasn't allowed to :) So did it on nothing...then a doc came in an hour later to see how I was doing...and he said her head was in an awkward angle in the pelvis..reason why I wasn't getting anywhere with pushes... so I needed a forces delivery..as her head needed to be turned. I was given a spinal block so didn't feel her coming out lol xx

— omg was it painful 😰 the midwife has told me it wud be very painful if baby doesn't turn @winterbaby95 xx

— @ashleigh91 Yup xx

— did you give birth with her back to back @winterbaby95 xx

— @ashleigh91 She went back to back when I went into labour :) as she was never back to back throughout my whole pregnancy until then xx

— @ashleigh91 I wouldn't worry about that hun :) My daughter was back to back xx

— baby is back to back @winterbaby95 xx

— Is she breech? x