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These twins are not budging..both babies are "chunky" 😊 ba…

These twins are not budging..both babies are "chunky" 😊 baby A is calm one, he does more moving than kickin real cooperative when gettin an ultrasound but that baby B kicks all day, Dr's can never get a good look at his face or heart..he's movin all over the place..at one point he was layin across his brother lol ugh I know my stubborn one 😌😌👶👶💙💙


— Baby B is breech, the stubborn one lol @twins1987 hope he turns too, I wish I could go on bed rest ugh

— Yes because of bleeding girl one baby is breech I hope she turns pretty soon I'm so not looking forward to a c section @rhon_rhon

— you might not have to get one @twins1987 have you been put on bed rest or anything

— That's what he wants me to have I'm scared I've never had one @rhon_rhon

— @twins1987, are you goin to have a c section

— @princessleesey, Aww, the best of both worlds lol my bf is still hoping one of them is a girl lol our 3 year old is a boy..

— Aww @princessleesey that's sweet lol

— I'm getting induced early because of my placenta sitting really low @rhon_rhon

— I have boy girl twins . The boy who is baby A is all over the place and wild , the Girl is always just chilling during the ultrasounds like a diva lol

— @twins1987,

— June 7th is my due date 😊😊😊 I'm 31 weeks and i look like I'm about to pop

— Lol right I'll be 28 weeks on Monday I'm being induced around June 7th @rhon_rhon

— aww really...how far along are you?! theres not enough monnies on here with twins @twins1987

— My twins are the same baby A doesn't cooperate baby B does but she kicks the most Lol @rhon_rhon