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I just found out I'm pregnant with my first baby. Beyond ex…

I just found out I'm pregnant with my first baby. Beyond excited!!


— @wiilson43, ok, thanks! Good to know.

— Congratulations! Don't announce anything until after the 1st trimester. That's what my mom told me to do as well as my doctor. Obviously tell the people close to you but only tell people who aren't gonna stress you out and bring negativity to you and the baby!

— @baylove17, awe, Congrats!!! How exciting

— Congrats on your first baby I too am expecting my first we are actually due the same month

— @jennatess, btw... I'm trying to figure out when I should announce my pregnancy. Don't want to announce too early and risk complications and have people asking me questions. I mean it's been a little obvious when I meet up with friends to go out and I choose being the DD and don't drink at all 😬😀

— @jennatess, so excited! I cry tears of happiness everyday. It's pretty pathetic 😃 I'm 33 so I was concerned it would never happen. How are you liking being a new mom?

— @mrsgingi, thank you! 😊 Are you so excited!??

— @jennatess, congrats to you too! Baby Faye is beautiful 😍 we're neighbors

— We are both in Sacramento area! 😁 and congratulations!!! ❤️

— @amiasmommy, thx love 😘

— Congratulations 💕