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not to sound like a total spoiled bitch but I did ask for stuff today...
to relax and watch the movies we had rented...
instead we are sitting at my SO's brothers and I get to just watch them play video games..

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— Girl you deserve to be spoiled as you want to spill something on the video game 😂😂 I would of

— @mommytobe0818, I just have an attitude which is so much worse than messing with the system.

— take the car & roll over to the house ... do your thang. i'm slowly learning to do the same!

— we share a car and the keys are his cut... I wouldn't leave him here but its not cool that I'm just sitting here doing nothing either @zoocourtmama

— EXACTLY. be like I'm gonna do my own thang & relax... i can come back whenever you want.

— i know it seems easier said than done, but seriously... i cannot tell you how many times ive been in your shoes... i regret all the times i didn't stand up for myself.

— don't have to raise hell either, being calm & not bringing it up later might make him be cool about it. (in the long run too when gaming takes precedence again) he might just miss you & wanna leave! idk i don't normally give out advice, but hate to see a mama down...

— well im sitting in the car charging my phone... he picked up on me being upset as I walked out... he normally isn't like this but like we have stuff to do and one of the places closes in an hour. we have dinner at my moms at 5 she needed to know if we would be there by 4:30.. I told her we wouldn't and I told him I told her we wouldn't and he didn't seem to care. whatever I'm over it now. @zoocourtmama

— omg i feel u!!!

— gaaaaaah guys... suck...