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Yesterday I was cramping like I was having a period but when I go to check (TMI) it was only white discharge. Yesterday I had a lot of it. What could it be ?

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— Common sign of pregnancy! That's what made me test.

— @liz41395, I have an appointment next Friday . I just knew my period started yesterday but nothing!

— Are you going to take an at home test?

— pregnancy or an infection

— Yes, I'll take it this upcoming week when I am back at my place . That's where my test are.

— @julieann81, there's no smell or nothing with it & my doctor didn't say anything about an infection.

— then no infection if no smell. good luck

— @julieann81, thank you

— That's the exact same thing that happened to me...

— @sunflowerchild, i was like omg my period is coming on & I am out bowling lol I went to the bathroom & boom nothing!!