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Is it a good thing to wear jeans while pregnant

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— It's fine just as long as it's not too tight on your tummy . You will know when it's uncomfy . They also have maternity jeans for when you get bigger .

— Do you want to be friends @sassymama29

— Are you not supposed to? Because jeans are the only thing I can wear. @al924 @sassymama29

— Jeans are perfectly fine as long as they are not squeezing your tummy that goes for any clothing . Most ppl just don't wear them because it can't fit lol but it's fine don't worry @niki664

— Just make sure the jeans isn't tight other than that jeans are fine

— I miss wearing my jeans. I just wear leggings now. Or Jeggings... super comfortable.

— Yea me too lol at this point @cubanmommy26

— Do you want to be friends @sassymama29

— When I was pregnant with my first, I still wore jeans. I just did the hair tied trick on the button.