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— I was so close to purchasing one online the other day. Have you tried it yet?

— How much ? does it work good ?

— Yes I have :) I opened it as soon as it got here lol . works great I found the baby's heart beat within seconds an I'm only a little over 13 weeks. I would definitely buy it again ! I ordered it Thursday morning , an it arrived today , an it was free shipping, can't beat that . @jwest267 @rbryanna

— awesome! I guess I know what I'll be investing in :)

— look on that's where this came from . I paid $34 @rbryanna

— I have the same one

— I love it ! @oshia5starlady definitely puts your mind at ease .

— @jwest267, I would definitely recommend getting one :) it's so amazing an such a good feeling hearing that anytime you want .

— yes I had to buy some more gel I have had mines since the beginning I will be selling mines soon

— I been trying to buy one

— I bought the same one love it

— Right :) @rebecky937 I'd get one off of here I love it so far an have only heard good comments about it . @chenhemp

— I'm going to have to order me one

— where'd you order it from? ive been wanting one so bad

—! @dk474 :)