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So I bought this 2L of cherry Pepsi. I don't even like Peps…

So I bought this 2L of cherry Pepsi. I don't even like Pepsi, but they don't sell cherry coke in 2L where I live so I had to deal.
This bottle of Pepsi is the most problematic bottle I've ever had in my life. IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO OPEN. I thought it was just me being weak, but even my boyfriend had to use a wrench to get it open. When I first opened the bottle it was fine. But now even if I just barely close it, we can't get it open. Its like it's vacuum sealed or something. I want to cry.
I've never had such a problem in my life and now I probably won't ever buy a 2L of Pepsi again because this has traumatised me so deeply. My hands are calloused and have friction burn because of this bottle. I ALMOST PEED MYSELF TRYING TO OPEN THIS BOTTLE BECAUSE I WAS STRAINING SO MUCH.
I hate you, Pepsi. I hate you and your stupid face.


— @their.bomb.ass.mom, lol it's okay! My boyfriend thought it was funny too until he couldn't open it either. 😂😂

— Lol yeah my husband always has to open them for me... it's so frusturating when I'm home alone

— @akelly16, so this is like...a problem that Pepsi has, I'm guessing?? My dad drinks nothing but pepsi and I always had trouble opening bottles when I lived at home, too. they should fix that. I threw it out the door. it belongs to the stray cats, now.

— neighbors** door... it was a 2 liter as well

— 😂😂😂 I'm sorry, I didn't even mean to laugh while reading this but I had to. I love Pepsi though, 😦😳

— I don't mean to laugh but this reminded me of how I use to be addicted to Pepsi and one day I woke up for my morning glass and my husband was at work and I cried real tears bcuz it wouldn't open for anything!! I even knocked on my neigh or door and asked him and he couldn't open it!!