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Any Help On How To Reduce Nausea?!!!

Any Help On How To Reduce Nausea?!!!


— My Father-in-law is on his way with something he said will help, glad he is amazing.

— take 3 vitamin b6 a day and get some ginger candies or something ginger. I had it bad and nothing worked for me but my doc recommended this and it helped a lot

— so basically anything bubbly?!

— Oops Sprite^^^

— toast, room temperature sprire, 7 up or ginger ale. putting a peppermint candy in a glass of water might help. just remember it's a good sign of a healthy pregnancy

— Canada Dry ginger ale always helped me

— I tried the crackers and sprit and literally 20 mins later I was in the bathroom again.
and I'll have to look for the preggie drops

— Preggie drops !! There a hard candy helped me so much instill eat them

— crackers, slowly sip sprite. not Gatorade!! it has too much salt in it and it'll make you more dehydrated.