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I have a ⚠ TMI TMI TMI TMI ⚠ 📷pic posted here in the comme…

I have a ⚠ TMI TMI TMI TMI ⚠ 📷pic posted here in the comments.. I had a memebrain sweep yesterday at 11am 🕚 could this be the start of my M.p.. Please look at your own risk and no nasty comments you were warned of ⚠TMI⚠


— @abella1023 can you see pic now

— oh wow so excited for you

— There was no pic love

— Just Lost the rest of my plug.. Ladies this is what it looks like when labor is w in a day or 2 @abella1023 @_kaylaamariee_ @domxtwo

— Ohhh ok I never saw my mucus plug with my first daughter so I have no idea what to expect lol Well at least you know your sweep did something Ahhh! I'm so anxious lol are you still drinking the tea?

— you're welcome 😀

— @_kaylaamariee_ thank you 😘 so much hun

— @abella1023 ur welcome love.. That's just the beginning of losing it when I start seeing pink/blood streak is when time is near a day or 2..memebrain sweep usually with in the 3day period (give or take) so by Thursday at 11am when I had it done.. Not saying I couldn't go that Friday but usually w in that time frame.. Praying 🙏 your sweep works

— i didnt know what it looked like either! this is my first, and everything is new to me! thanks for posting! im only 15wks2dys still a little bit to go, but hopefully baby gets here before too long!! good luck! :)

— Yay!!! How soon did dr say baby could come?? And yes thank you for posting I didn't know what it looked like either and I should be getting mine sweeped next week too ☺️☺️

— yes sometimes people on this app get a lil crazy but awww glad I can help make your day continue to enjoy your day

— @domxtwo aaaw your welcome doll baby u made my day usually u get omgosh why did u post that lol so good to hear it helped some 😘

— I always wondered what it looked like thanks for sharing congratulations hopefully baby will be here soon @blessedw7

— @littleredcutie20 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😘thank you

— @blessedw7, I agree with @mamaoftwoo3. It looks like mucus plug.