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I really hate that my fiance family is holding off telling his grandma I'm pregnant, they are a southern family and real religious.. We are married and we are having a babi and she won't like that but I don't give a fuck..just pisses me off

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— I meant aren't married

— this is not the old days anymore who cares smh

— @shemeher68, tell me about it there old southern white people so they believe what they want

— My family same way. They all got excited over my cousins pregnancy. She's married n all that. But when I had news on my 3rd baby all I heard was Kinda figured that. All of my family were not excited. Bunch a fuckin pricks my opinion.

— Same, my baby father still hasn't told his parents yet. Their southern white people from Mississippi! & im getting pissed off I'm 10 weeks now and the baby isn't going nowhere!

— @supermommy016, I'm from Jersey and all my family knows I'm not about that bidding my babi from any1 if they have a issue fuck off

— @mamaof3414, that is fucked up