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how far along was everyone when they found out what they were having

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— 15 and 16 weeks.

— 19 weeks

— 10 weeks

— 20 Weeks

— @aubriemommy416, @ce095 @mommyshelly83 did you guys try any myths

— and were they right

— Yes, some were right with my first, but none were right with my second. I did the ring test, the baking soda, the Chinese calendar, the ramzi theory, the myan gender thing, all that.

— 16 with our first and 12 with our second but she was wrong with our second. When we had our 19 wk scan we found out she misinterpreted the scan. Regarding the myths, you've got a 50/50 shot ;) I did the Chinese calendar and cabbage. Both were right once and wrong once.

— no I always had dreams that I was having a girl and I knew depend own I was having a girl despite my husband wanting a boy

— @aubriemommy416, @mommabird

— look I think I'm having a boy just the way it runs in my family

— Actually child gender is totally determined by the fathers genes.

— @mommabird I know but still

— Lol well you've got a 50% chance! Do you want a boy?

— @mommabird, I want either or im not picky I'm excited excited either way I'll be more excited when I know what I'm having

— Yeah it's easier for some women to connect after they have a little bit of the baby's identity to imagine.

— 5 weeks and a few days so early i know i missed my period which came on the same day every month so i just knew lol

— @lovelymother856, I didn't think I could get pregnant... a friend of mine broke up with his girl and she said she was pregnant so he got a surprise test he forgot it in the car 3 to 4 times I kept giving it to him he said he didn't need it so,my my man put it inside on the coffee table and one day I sat down and saw it and was like what the hell I'm gonna pee on it ... my period comes and goes when it wants lol

— 14 weeks

— I did not @nutmeg1028 Due to my age I had to have genetic testing done for Down Syndrome and things like that and finding out the sex by the DNA of the baby was an option. It was confirmed at 20 weeks by an ultrasound.

— 19 weeks

— 6weeks