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I just had a sharp pain in my belly to the right side of my…

I just had a sharp pain in my belly to the right side of my belly button. It lasted 5 minutes and went away. My baby was balled up in that spot. Could he have just been laying the wrong way or something else?


— its just the baby balling up my baby boy does that but he will do it on right side left side and in the middle

— You're welcome

— Okay thank yall. I go to the doctor tomorrow so I'll mention it to them but in the meantime, I will try not to worry @arijane316 @daizebra

— This happened to me today too and luckily I was already at my doctors appointment so I could ask my doctor there and he said it's nothing to worry about

— if it wasn't alot and there's no cramping along with it, you should be fine. you can still call your doctor and ask then just to be safe. but I don't think you have anything to worry about. there's alot of extra blood flow to that area now so some spotting is common

— No I haven't @arijane316

— no. have you had sex recently?

— When that happens, do you have any spotting? I just used the bathroom and when I wiped, there wasn't little bit of bright red blood on the toilet paper @arijane316

— No problem. my girl does that on my right side in the middle of the night. it wakes me up and I'm almost in tears because it hurts so bad

— Okay thank you! @arijane316

— Probably just pushing on a nerve or something. if it went away after he/she moved, then you should be fine