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Anyone else feel like they're not pregnant? Like it feels like nothing is inside my stomach.. I felt her move a few times last week but then it stopped so now i'm worried.. I'm 21 weeks

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— I didn't feel movement until 21 weeks, and didn't feel active movement until later on. No need to worry you're still early!

— me too...but I'm about to hit 21 weeks and feel her kicks and grabs already and now round ligament pain...your about to really feel it 😊

— I would go to the dr just to be safe and tell them you haven't been feeling her move and that you're concerned

— normal baby is resting an growing if you do start bleeding go to the hospital

— @dessy, i haven't had any serious pains or bleeding so that's good.. Makes me feel a bit better when I think about it but I wanna feel her so I at least know she is okay.. It's my first child so i'm nervous. Just don't want anything to happen to her.

— I didn't really start feeling my baby girl kick consistently until about 24-25 weeks. I asked my dr and she just said that before then, the baby is still very small and you may not be able to feel her movements yet. Hope this helps!

— @katrinacurry, yes it does help !! Makes me feel better, thank you !

— I'm now 31+5 and I feel nothing. I woke up out my sleep today at 12:30 because even though I'm sleeping I'm still trying to feel some type of movement. he does move sometime I've notice my baby is really lazy lol. I know its tough I was driving myself crazy at 21wks the hospital knew my name that how much I was going because I keep going because I wasn't feeling anything. at 23wks you WILL feel your baby move if all is well. if you think something wrong go to the hospital, if baby is OK give it to 23-24wks baby will move non stop.a