📌📌Question : My Best Friend(Now X as of 1201am) Went to HS with this guy I randomly met at a gas station in 07 we dated for 2 years she messed around with his BFF. Well in 2009 he got married and me and her fell out. 2013 she and I became friends again at which point she disclosed that he made several sexual passes and had done so while me n her were back cool. he asked for a 3 some from her 28th his wife. her cousin told me he picked her up from their house but asked her for head so she got mad and came back in. He saw via FB that me n her were cool he texted me I told him never again n asked him if he screwed her he said " who told you that" not NO. He told her my BF was his cousin which is a lie but I guess to make her ok to screw him. so her bday is coming I told her I'm not coming if he there because I feel he disrespectful to his wife and to her and me as well . He had a bday yesterday n she post two pix of them hugged up n says I love you in the caption. they were not biddies to that degree in school she graduated in 03 so they didn't are each other often til 07 n they were not super biddies when I dated him. I know her she is not above sleeping with friends exes so I went off n I'm ending relationship I know she guilty because I talked to her so bad that if it wasn't true she would have cursed me out but she just like I love you I'm sorry you feel this way I respect your opinion am I wrong or juvenile for saying if he at her bday I'm leaving I don't have old feelings or nothing to me its about Loyalty and respect. Opinions please!!📌📌📌📌📌😩
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