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Finally decided to call the on call dr... These contraction…

Finally decided to call the on call dr... These contractions are becoming unbearable but they're coming every 6-8 minutes and that's about all I can take.


— He's coming!! 😀

— Today is the day😉

— He's ready! May God be with you and baby Bash as he enters into the world. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

— Praying

— @babyhawkins2015, thank you lol I need them!! @Tayek lol I haven't even thought about it myself lol!! But I will keep everyone posted. Right now I've been told to make myself as comfortable as possible until they're at least 5 minutes apart or my water breaks but my hot shower just seemed to speed them up so fingers crossed I'll be headed in soon!!

— Sounds like it's showtime Mama @bashsmommy1115 you're gonna have your prince on game day!!! I'm not even thinking about the Iron Bowl now, I'm waiting for #BASH 💖

— @bashsmommy1115, Showtime!!! Sending prayers and virtual hugs your way!!

— @jammy828 lol I pray so!! Thank you!!!

— @levleah, I'm waiting to see what they say cause I don't want to get turned around lol @marce88 thank you!! I'm hoping he's gonna decide to come

— @bashsmommy1115, awe sorry you're in pain but it's baby time!! Good luck he will be here soon!

— girl, this might be your day, too! Go get checked!