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Too many women on here put up with way too much bull 💩 fro…

Too many women on here put up with way too much bull 💩 from their "men."


— my husband used to be great to me. and he chose my last month of pregnancy to be the man I've never seen. idk if one month is enough to walk away. women love hard and stupidly sometimes. I have to admit

— i tried posting this not Long ago and all of the women got ass hurt and Then reported it and Then the page deleted it lol whatever

— right?! glad you said it.

— @momma588, Yeah I don't mean just the little annoyances people post about, that's understandable lol. I mean these women posting that their baby's father has told her he hopes she dies during labor or saying he doesn't want the baby or calling her bitch or whatever else. Like no ma'am I would be out of there so fast!

— yea it is pretty sad. I see some of the posts as well. I only complain about how my husband sleeps all day and it gets annoying. or how he tells,me what to wear. and what not to wear lol. if I bitch about him to his face. I'll get yelled at lol. at least in here I have support and advice. @krystal

— @momma588, wasn't singling anyone out or trying to, just saddened by how often I see these mommies and mommies to be being treated like absolute crap almost daily. Some posts cross the line into abusive. It blows my mind.

— if my husband didn't give me shit. I wouldn't have to bitch about it hahaha

— yes :/

— Definitely

— i agree