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When did you stop bleeding after delivery?

When did you stop bleeding after delivery?


— Yes I am it was the same way with my first two babies also!

— @laprecious, LUCKY

— Yup im breastfeeding. And no its not heavy @sassymccrum

— My doctor told me I could bleed up to 6 weeks...but if it's reaaaaaaally heavy I'd maybe call your obgyn just to ask!

— Are you breastfeeding?

— Ill be 2 weeks on thursday, bleeding like a 3rd day period @sassymccrum, @emmajeremy2627,@floridamommy1024, @lillysmommy

— I really didn't bleed much maybe a week!

— I bled for 1 week.

— 6 weeks pp and I still bleed on and off

— like 2 in a half weeks:) and after the first week it was really light more like spotting

— I bleed like a tiny bit a day now but that's it and I'm 2 and a half weeks pp

— 😬 @wyatts_mommy_0106, nooooo

— I bled for 6 weeks